Government keen to work with traditional leaders to foster development

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Southern Province Minister, Daniel Munkombwe, says government is keen to work closely with the traditional leadership in the country to foster development in rural areas.


Mr Munkombwe said there was need for close partnership between government and the traditional leadership for development to be achieved in all parts of the country.


He said this in a speech read for him by Choma District Commissioner, Bernadette Hamweemba at the Lwindi traditional ceremony of the Tonga people of Chief Siachitema in Kalomo district.


Mr Munkombwe added that traditional ceremonies provide an opportunity for government and traditional leaders to interact on issues of good governance and sustainable development.


“Culture and national development depend on each other. Proper coordination of the two can foster sustainable rural development through a programme called chiefdom development”, he said


Mr Munkombwe added that government shall continue to enhance the provision of quality education in rural areas through the deployment of teachers to reduce the high pupil teacher ratio to rural schools.


He said the government also recognizes the value of agriculture to the livelihood of the people in rural areas hence the early distribution of farming inputs for the 2014/2015 farming season.


He thanked cooperating partner, Seedco, for sponsoring the successful hosting of the Lwiindi Manzi abila traditional ceremony.

Chief Siachitema of the Tonga Speaking people of Kalomo district in Southern province has pledged to remain non- partisan and support the Governments’ development agenda.


And chief said he would not allow partisan politics to deter development in his chiefdom but will support various developmental projects government was implementing in Siachitema chiefdom.


“I am not politician but desire peace and unity in my chiefdom which is why I do not belong to any political party but eager to work with the government of the day to bring development in my chiefdom,” he said


The chief was speaking during the commemoration of the Lwiindi traditional ceremony of the Tonga speaking people of his chiefdom.


He said there was need for Zambians to thank God for the blessing of peace and unity He has granted the country in the past 50 years of its independence.


The chief, however, appealed to government to improve the road network in his chiefdom to facilitate easy delivery of farming inputs.