Opposition urged to join jubilee celebrations

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Opposition urged to join jubilee celebrations

Lusaka, October 10, 2014, ZANIS……….Lusaka province minister Phillip Kosamu has called on opposition political parties in the country to join in the golden jubilee celebrations .

The minister said this during the Lusaka district golden jubilee celebrations at the show-grounds in Lusaka today.

Mr. Kosamu said the golden jubilee celebrations should not be shunned as they were  not a Patriotic Front-PF  programme but a historical moment for all Zambians regardless of political, religious or tribal inclination.

He emphasized that the country had undergone a lot of transformation since 1964 such as the first ,second, and third republics both in terms of politics and development.

‘’Against this background, the government thanks all freedom fighters for their commitment and hard work that culminated in the attainment of independence’’, said Mr Kosamu.

And Freedom fighters representative mama Kankasa called on government to continue looking into the plight of the freedom fighters .

She said it was time the freedom fighters were appreciated for the role they played in the liberation struggle of the country.

Mama Kankasa added that she was confident that government would deliver to the Zambian people.

She however called on civic leaders to help make known peoples sufferings to the government for action.

Mama Kankasa who later called fellow freedom fighters to sing a song for the lost heroes appreciated God for enabling Zambia to attain the golden jubilee.

Meanwhile, Lusaka district commissioner Ashell kampengele urged Zambians to join in the 50th anniversary of the country’s independence.

Earlier,  Zambia Congress of Trade Unions deputy director finance  Musonda Chongo said the labour movement will continue partnering with government in the development of the nation.

Mr. Chongo also said that ZCTU will celebrate its 50th anniversary as it was formed immediately after independence was gained in 1964.

The celebrations which were part of events leading to the national jubilee activities started with a match past from Northmead to the Lusaka show grounds.