Kalabo children learn under a tree

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Kalabo children learn under a tree

Kalabo, October 10, 2014, ZANIS………… over 200 children in Kalabo‘s Libonda Ward are learning under a tree due to lack of a school in the area.

Libonda Ward Councillor Kaitwa Wamunyima  confirmed the development to ZANIS in Kalabo and noted that the absence of a school in the area was depriving children of the right to decent education.

Councillor Wamunyima explained that few months ago an organization called ‘Save the Children ‘ asked the Libonda community to contribute 25 percent of building requirements and that the organization would  put in 75 percent toward the constructing of a 1 by 2 classroom block.

He claimed that the organization without consulting him and the Member of Parliament decided to take the project to a neighbouring  Luanginga ward in another constituency without giving a reason.

Councilor Wamunyima has since appealed to government through the Ministry of Education to construct a community school in the area as an alternative.

“The community had identified a site, dug the foundation and provided building sand and stones which was a 25 percent contribution as per agreement with the organization, we were caught unaware that they decided to pull out without informing myself and honourable Musokotwane the MP,” Councilor Wamunyima explained.

He further said Libonda Ward needed a school because of the vastness of the area and that most children had dropped out of school for fear of covering the long distance in the Liuwa Plain National Park to get to the nearest school which is over 30 kilometers.