Inonge Wina cracks PF whip

Inonge Wina
Inonge Wina

Patriotic Front Chairperson Inonge Wina has warned PF members against engaging in violence and acts aimed at destabilizing the party.

Ms. Wina says the Patriotic Front is a disciplined party which will not tolerate any indiscipline by its members, adding that anyone involved in violence or acts aimed at destabilizing the party is not a true member of the ruling party.


She says people involved in the infighting or in any forms of violence are not true members of the party but have their own hidden agendas which they want to achieve.

Ms. Wina however says this is unacceptable and will not be condoned.

She has advised aggrieved party members to follow the right channel instead of ending up fighting in front of senior party leaders.

Mr Wina says the fracas witnessed in Livingstone by party Secretary General Edgar Lungu, Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe and Livingstone Member of parliament Lawrence Evans paints a bad and wrong picture of the party, when in fact the party is united as ever.

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( Thursday 09th October 2014 )