Choma Declaration monument to be fenced

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——-The National Heritage Conservation Commission (NHCC) has disclosed that plans are underway to erect a fence around the Choma Declaration monument.

Speaking to ZANIS in an interview, NHCC Senior Conservation Officer, Richard Mbewe, explained that the site has since been turned into a heritage site.

Mr Mbewe said since the declaration was made public children have scattered the rocks that decorated the monument and it is feared that other things may be taken away from the place if it remains in its open state.

He explained that the monument requires to be preserved as it played an important role in Zambia’s attainment of its independence.

Mr Mbewe said a team has since been dispatched to Choma from Livingstone to conduct measurements and other necessities required for the fence.

He added the new heritage site will attract both local and international tourists to the area in the hope of learning more about it and its contributions to the country.