Katete PF chairperson calls for provincial elections

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-Katete Patriotic Front –PF chairperson Joseph Makukula has appealed to the party Secretary General Edgar Lungu to call for provincial elections in the area.

Mr. Makukula charged that the party in the eastern province was slowly losing popularity because of the current leadership.

He told ZANIS in Katete today that the formation of an interim committee was not a solution to the problems the party is facing in the eastern province.

He added that people in the province want to elect leaders of the choice in order to foster growth of the party in the region.

Mr Makukula noted that if the province did not hold elections any time soon the interim committee which is being led by the current provincial chairperson Atan Mwamba will only send the party into extinction in the province.

Mr. Makukula said eastern province has potential to adversely contribute to the expansion of the party.

He stated that elections were the only solution left for the party to be salvaged.

He pointed out that the local people want to add a voice and ensure that the affairs of the party are run by competent people.

Mr Makukula observed that currently the party in the eastern province was getting more divided than ever before.

He has since urged the party Secretary General Edgar Lungu to quickly address the matter.