Govt to procure learning, ITC materials

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—Education Minister, John Phiri, says government is aware of challenges teachers are facing especially those serving in the hard to reach areas of the country.

Dr Phiri said to address this, government will enhance budgetary provisions for the procurement of teaching and learning materials including Information Communication Technology (ICT) equipment in
order to facilitate and promote e-learning, open and distance learning.

He was peaking in a speech read on his behalf by Provincial Education Officer, Thomas Mwanza, during the commemoration of this year’s World Teachers’ Day held at David Kaunda Stadium in Chipata yesterday.

“Government is aware that quality education delivery requires suitable and adequate teaching and learning materials, and we are doing everything to provide the required materials,” he said.

And Basic Teachers Union of Zambia (BETUZ) Deputy General Secretary, Evans Chungu, said Zambia is a developing country that needs the commitment and concerted efforts to ensure best education is delivered as the country celebrates its Golden Jubilee.

Mr Chungu stated that this can only be realised if funding to the sector is increased for the country to reach a more progressive goal and vision 2030 development agenda.

“As a partner in seeking the best for the education fraternity, we have sought to engage all stakeholders in lobbying and advocating for more funding towards the education sector especially towards quality public education accessibility for all citizens,” he said.

He stated that the labour movement understands the global economic woes currently prevailing but is aware that economic crisis should not be made to suffer because it is a very important public benefit.

“We implore government, stakeholders and the entire world not to suspend but to eradicate the continued notions and proposals of reducing funding to education; instead, funding to education must be increased towards the fulfilment of quality public education accessibility.

This year’s World Teacher’s Day is being celebrated under the theme, “Unite for quality education for a better tomorrow”.