Catholic priest counsels pupils against exam malpractices

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—-The Priest In-Charge at Kaputa Catholic Church has counselled pupils in examination classes against engaging themselves in examination malpractice and riotous behaviour.

Fr Leonard Kalyoti said examination malpractice produces half-baked students, adding that this has the potential to degrade education
standards in the country.

Fr Kalyoti observed that many pupils that engage themselves in malpractice during exams have ended up failing at universities and

“There is this school which produced a lot of students with good grades but because they used leakages they could not even write an
application. A grade 12 with good results coming to you asking how to write an application letter, they could not construct a sentence in English and such people always fail at colleges and universities,” he said.

“As you start writing your examinations see to it that you use your brains and not depend on leakages. Study hard and ask God to guide you
in the exams,” he added.

He encouraged pupils to seek God’s guidance during exams and not to panic, adding that time is still there to correct things.

Fr Kalyoti said this when he held a special mass for pupils in examination classes at St Annie’s Kaputa Catholic Church yesterday.

The clergyman further advised the pupils, especially in Grade 12, not to engage in riotous behaviours.

He observed that many times pupils think they have completed school after writing grade 12 and that is how they engage in riots and damaging
of school property.

Fr Kalyoti said such behaviour should not be condoned, adding that it is again their parents that suffer the consequences when the school
decides to increase the fees to repair the damaged property.

“Writing of Grade 12 exams is not the end of school; it is the beginning. But because you do not think properly, you start insulting
teachers, damaging school property thinking you are clever. And when
results come you fail and where are you going to go because you insulted the teacher?

“In some cases these teachers you insult are the ones who mark and
even if they do not mark they can influence their friends in marking
and you may fail,” he said.

He said it would, therefore, be important for them to show exemplary behaviour befitting future leaders.

Fr Kalyoti also prayed for all the pupils in examination classes and wished them God’s guidance.

Meanwhile, a grade 12 pupil at Kaputa Secondary School, Steven Luanda, has thanked the priest for his wise counsel.

Luanda noted that pupils depend on leakages because they fail to prepare while in school.

He also advised fellow pupils to trust God and work hard in school for them to pass examinations.

Grade12 have yesterday started writing exams while Grades 7 and 9 will start later this month.