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Teachers urged to unite

Nchelenge, October 7, 2014, ZANIS…Government has called for unity among teachers if they were to achieve the much desired quality education.

ZANIS reports that Nchelenge District Commissioner Royd Chakaba made the call when he officiated at the 2014 World Teachers Day celebrations yesterday.

This was in a speech read for him by Nchelenge District Education Standards Officer Mark Kasongo.

Mr. Chakaba said quality education for a better world could only be achieved when all efforts among the teaching fraternity are directed at realising a credible educational system.

Scores of teachers turned out at the Nchelenge Water Front Lodge to celebrate the World Teachers’ Day held under the theme, “in the jubilee year, Unite for Quality Education for a Better World”.

Mr. Chakaba said the dream of quality education for a better world is enshrined in the philosophy of Love, Peace and Unity that was embraced by the gallant freedom fighters in the quest for Zambia’s political independence.

He said the sacrifices by the selfless men and women who gave their lives, time and resources will be in vain without the unity of purpose among the 72 tribes of Zambia.

The DC said only the efficient and effective execution of government policies and programmes as mandated will greatly reward the gallant men and women that ensured the liberation of the nation.

He reminded the teachers that their contribution to the development of the country and the world at large was immense and requires people who are ready to render selfless and dedicated service.

Mr. Chakaba observed that the PF government has in the past three years done much to improve the conditions of service for teachers and other public service workers and urged for hard work to reciprocate this good will.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chakaba said the conducting of final examinations at every grade is a serious national duty that should be done according to the provisions of the law.

He challenged teachers especially those that have been assigned to handle the 2014 final examinations for grades seven, nine and twelve to refrain from examinations malpractices.

Mr. Chakaba noted with dismay that every examination calendar year, some teachers have been implicated in malpractices which have left the culprits jobless after conviction.

And the DC has urged the teachers to educate the members of the public about the use of regional official languages as a medium of instruction in schools.

He said the revised curriculum was not devised for any political expediency as some people seem to perceive it and that studies have already shown that pupils were adapting well to the new system of instructions.