Do not use children in caterpillar harvest – Harry Kalaba


BAHATI member of Parliament Harry Kalaba will deal severely with parents and guardians who are in the habit of withdrawing children from school to harvest caterpillars commonly known as vinkubala.
Mr Kalaba said the trend is retrogressive and detrimental to the development of children.
He sounded the warning when he visited Kapili community in Chief Chisunka’s area.
“I’m aware that most parents here have a tendency of withdrawing children from school, especially in the months of October and November to harvest caterpillars. Whoever will be found wanting this year will be dealt with.
“Children should not suffer just because you want them to harvest caterpillars for sale. These children are being denied their right to education,” he said.
Meanwhile, Mr Kalaba, who is also Minister of Foreign Affairs, has bemoaned the increase in early marriages in most communities in his constituency.
“The other thing which is saddening me is the increase in early marriages. I further warn parents to desist from this trend,’’ he said.


Zambia Daily Mail