Govt, Grand Coalition to meet week

Grand Coalition to keep pushing for new constitution
Grand Coalition to keep pushing for new constitution
Justice Minister Edgar Lungu has written to the Grand Coalition on the Demand for the People Driven Constitution to propose for a follow-up meeting on the constitution within the week beginning 13th October this year.

Grand Coalition chairperson Leonard Chiti has disclosed to Qfm news that the indication that Mr. Lungu has given is that he will be committed with other engagements the whole of this week.

Father Chiti, who is also Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) Director says the Coalition is thus expecting to meet government on the constitution next week.

He says it is at that meeting that the Coalition also hopes that a consensus on the way forward as regards the enactment of the country’s new constitution will be possibly reached.

Father notes that the major speaking point will be the timeframe as the Coalition is of the view that the country needs to have a new constitution before 2016 a time period he says government too appears to have challenges with.

He says the Coalition has also take note of the indication from government that the final draft constitution could be released to the public soon.

Father Chiti says the hope of the Coalition is therefore that the document be released by the time that it meets the Justice Minister.



( Sunday 05th October 2014 )