Chitambo PF orders eviction of civil servants

pf cadres
pf cadres

The  Patriotic Front (PF) in Chitambo has appealed to Serenje District Commissioner Charles Mwelwa to evict civil servants  that were deployed to work in the new district as they were delaying development progress.

In a press statement released to ZANIS today, Chitambo District PF Chairperson Christopher Kabango said it was unacceptable that to date, construction works at the new Chitambo boma site had not started .

Mr Kabango complained that government workers were still operating from Serenje boma instead of them living and working within Chitambo district where they will share the same development aspirations with the locals.

Mr Kabango said he had since written to the Serenje District Commissioner to instruct all the Chitambo workersto  vacate government offices in Serenje and go to Chitambo .

The District PF chairperson also said he had written to the Chitambo District commissioner David Kaseba to instruct Chitambo government workers living and working in Serenje to relocate to Chitambo immediately.


He said the delay to start the construction works for Chitambo district was painting a bad image on the PF government that it is not working.

But Serenje District Commissioner Charles Mwelwa said it would be up to the Chitambo government employees to leave Serenje and not him to evict them.

Mr Mwelwa said it would be possible to evict the Chitambo government departments operating from his district if Serenje did not have adequate office space.


And Former Serenje District Council Chairperson has called on government to quickly settle the impasse that has caused government departments under Chitambo district not move to the new area.

Mr Cletus Malupenga said people were finding difficulties in accessing services from government departments because most of them under Chitambo district were operating from Serenje.

Mr Malupenga who is also former MMD Mpelembe Ward Councilor in Chitambo Constituency said Chitambo government officers should emulate their colleagues in Luano who have been operating in tents as they await the construction of new offices.