Kalabo magistrates duped

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Eight local court magistrates in Western Province have been duped out of their National Pensions Scheme contributions by fraudsters that faked their deaths.


National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) area manager, Zephania Mpofu, disclosed the development yesterday during a one-day sensitisation seminar for government and private sector human resources officers at Kalabo civic centre.


Mr Mpofu explained that a group of fraudsters faked the deaths of the eight magistrates and obtained fake death certificates at some named hospitals with intent of depriving the rightful owners of their benefits.


He said NAPSA only discovered the fraud after some of the victims came to claim for their benefits while for others it was unveiled after the named hospital where deaths certificates were allegedly obtained refuted having issued the documents.


Mr Mpofu said Western Province, like any other in the country, had not been spared by fraud, adding that it was for this reason that NAPSA would not pay out anybody until investigations were conclusively carried out.


“There have been so many fraud victims where NAPSA benefits are concerned. Western Province has not been spared and eight local court magistrates have been victims of this fraud. This is the more reason we are here to sensitise human resources officers to understand the importance of being a NAPSA member, and also other people to understand when and how to claim for their contributions,” Mr Mpofu explained.


He further added that from 2013 to date K 11.6 million has been paid out as benefits and 11,400 people were currently on NAPSA payroll.


It is projected that the number of people on the payroll would rise by the end of 2014.


NAPSA was formed by an act of Parliament number 40 of 1996 and failing to comply would attract penalties.