Lungu slams fake facebook

Defence Minister, Edgar Lungu
Defence Minister, Edgar Lungu

DEFENCE Minister Edgar Lungu has denounced a Facebook account under the name ‘EDGAR LUNGU for 2016’, describing it as a desperate attempt by enemies of the PF to tarnish his image.
Mr Lungu, who is also Justice minister and Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general, said creation of the Facebook page was malicious, and the work of enemies of the PF bent on causing anarchy by sowing seeds of discord and creating a false impression of a succession crisis within the party.
The minister said his undivided loyalty was totally devoted to President Michael Sata and the PF.
“This page, therefore, does not have my consent and I have only learnt about it now,” Mr Lungu said. “I, therefore, denounce it with the contempt it deserves and I ask members of the public within and outside Zambia, those who are active on social media to do the same.”

He said he had no Facebook account and had no intentions of creating one in the foreseeable future.
Mr Lungu said the PF won the 2011 elections without involvement of the social media and would continue to work with the grassroots to ensure development in Zambia.
“As a loyal foot soldier, my devotion is to His Excellency the President Mr Michael Chilufya Sata and, therefore, no such ambition as the said page seeks to portray ever crosses my mind,” Mr Lungu said.
He said it was common knowledge that his undivided loyalty was totally devoted to President Sata and the PF.
“With humility of heart, I have always considered it the greatest honour to serve under his transformational leadership and to assigned roles the President desires of me to undertake,” Mr Lungu said.
He warned those behind the Facebook account that soon their manoeuvers, related activities would be brought to light and attempts to drag his name and those of other people into imaginary “succession battles” would not yield the desired results.

He urged PF members to remain united and solidly support the party and President Sata and the ideals of the PF.
Meanwhile, Mr Lungu has reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to deliver a Constitution to theZambian people.
He said the sequence of coming up with the Constitution might change but the Government would not be detracted in its programme to deliver the Constitution because of what people were saying.
“Whether you voted for us or not, we will unite Zambia and build it as one,” he said.


Times of Zambia


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