Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

A KITWE magistrate’s court has found a 74-year-old man with a case to answer for allegedly defiling two 10-year-old girls on several occasions.
Magistrate Kampinda Chipamu found Simon Mulumbwa of Twatasha Township with a case to answer after he allegedly had sex with the girls on several occasions between January 1 and April 31, last year.
“I am satisfied that the evidence from the State has linked you to the offence charged and I therefore, put you on your own defence,” Ms Chipamu  said in her ruling.
One of the victims had earlier narrated before the court that on a particular day, in the company of her friend, she went to the accused person’s house to get fire for the brazier, for her to prepare food.

The girl testified that they usually called Mulumbwa as ‘grandfather’ and that while at the accused person’s house, he took them to his bedroom where he allegedly had sex with her, while the friend watched.
She testified that the accused later turned on the other girl and had sex with her as well.
The girl told the court that each time the accused finished having six with them, he would produce K4 and give a K2 note to each of them.
“Every time he had sex with us, he would give us K2 each and threaten to kill us if we ever told anyone,” he said.
The court heard that Mulumbwa did this to the girls on several occasions until one of them developed sores on her private parts and reported it this to her aunt.


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