Govt. happy with the church’s contribution in the education sector

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Govt. happy with the church’s contribution in the education sector

Kawambwa, September 30, 2014, ZANIS—Government has said it appreciates the active role the church plays in the provision of education to the community.

Speaking at an induction service of Reverend Roy Sinkala at the United Church of Zambia (UCZ’s), Kawambwa District Commissioner, Ivo Mpasa said government appreciates what the UCZ is also doing in the provision of education and medical services to various communities.


He cited Mbereshi Mission Hospital of Mwansabombwe in Luapula Province as one of the good works the church was doing in the health sector.

Mr Mpasa said the UCZ is also providing guidance and spiritual deliverance which results into grooming of faithful workers and God fearing leaders.

He has since requested the UCZ to pray for continued peace and for all leaders so that God’s grace can be sufficient upon them as they lead Zambia.

Mr Mpasa added that government is committed to ensuring that citizens live better lives regardless of their locality as it has provided farming inputs, clean water to rural communities, good roads and youth empowerment funds.

He further said the move government has taken has helped people have a decent life whenever they are serving the almighty God.

Meanwhile, Mr Mpasa has welcomed Reverend Roy Sinkala to Kawambwa.


He but said as a religious leader, he should not forget his task which is to expand God’s kingdom beyond the UCZ membership.

However, the DC expressed hope that the partnership between the church
and government will be sustained adding all Christians must be focused, resist and pray against any power that brings confusions in the country and in the body of Christ.