Pule happy with the President Sata’s active participation in national affairs

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The Christian Democratic Party says it is overwhelmed with joy to see President Michael Sata actively involved in the affairs of the nation.


Party president Dan Pule said his party is happy that contrary to speculation over the president’s state of health, he was at hand to open the fourth session of the 11th National Assembly and later went to the United States on national duty.


Dr Pule told Z ANIS in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that this should shame the prophets of doom who are bent on spreading falsehood concerning the health of the Head of State.


He prayed that God should continue to bless President Sata and grant him good health until he completes the mandate that was given to him by the Zambian people.


And Dr Pule has advised government against exporting raw maize but instead add value to the product in order to create employment for the people and earn more money for the country.


He said 50 years after independence, Zambia should not be exporting raw maize butt encourage the exportation of finished products like mealie meal and stock feed.


Dr Pule noted that at the time Zambia was experiencing food shortages, it had to import mealie meal from South Africa because the South African government refused to sell Zambia maize but mealie meal.


He said this created a lot of job opportunities for South Africans and that their government managed to make more money from exporting a finished product instead of selling raw maize.


The National Democratic Party leader further stated that despite the maize bumper harvest that the country had in the last farming season, there is need to keep some maize in reserves owing to the unpredictable weather patterns the country has been experiencing of late.


He said the nation needs to have some maize in reserves in an event that the yield next year is not as good as it has been this year.