— Kafumukache defected alone- Mtonga

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Kafumukache defected alone- Mtonga

Lusaka, September 28, 2014, ZANIS —-  The opposition MMD has disputed reports that 150 party members led by National Youth Secretary Tobias Kafumukache have defected to the ruling PF party in Lusaka.


Lusaka Province MMD Chairman, Watson Mtonga says reports that Mr. Kafumukache led 150 other cadres to defect from the ruling party were untrue.


Mr. Mtonga said by broadcast time information there were no single MMD cadres had  defected to the ruling PF.


He  said that it is untrue that Mr. Kafumukache and 150 others had defected from  the MMD because  all MMD Constituency Chairpersons in Lusaka denied the any defection.


The Lusaka Province MMD Chairman was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today.


“It is a desperate move and he wants a job in PF, Kafumukanche did not have any followers that he could have moved with to join PF and this is not true that he moved with our members,” he said.


Mr. Mtonga said the defection of Kafumukache has no impact on the party as it was a blessing  in disguise to his party.


Efforts to get Mr. Kafumukache  for comment on the matter proved futile by broadcast time.


About 150 MMD youth members led by National Youth Secretary Tobias Kafumukache defected to the ruling PF yesterday in Chawama.