‘Increase damage charges, Lusaka man asks court’

Criminal court
Criminal court

A man of Lusaka’s Misisi Township has asked a local court to increase the compensation for damage he had asked because the man has refused to marry his niece.
Lottie Zimba, 49, had asked Dumisani Tembo, 23, to pay K1,500 as compensation for impregnating his niece. Zimba said the amount was arrived at on the basis that Tembo would ultimately marry the plaintiff’s niece.
However, the court heard that after the woman delivered, Tembo changed his mind, a situation that has infuriated Zimba and forced him to seek court intervention to recover more compensation for damage.
This was a case in which Zimba sued Tembo for compensation for damage after he allegedly refused to marry his niece he impregnated.
Zimba told the court that his family was lenient with Tembo when charging for damage because they thought he would have to pay dowry for marriage.
“We charged him less money for damage because he promised that he was going to marry our daughter. But now that he is saying that he won’t marry her but will only pay for damage then he can’t pay us K1,500 because it was just too little,” he said.

In his defence, Tembo told the court that he did not promise to marry Zimba’s niece as alleged by the complainant.
He claimed that it was in fact Zimba and other members of his family who were forcing him to marry their daughter after he impregnated her.
Tembo told the court that when Zimba’s niece gave birth he tried to stay with her but it never worked hence making it difficult for him to live with her for the rest of his life as his wife.
The one month I stayed with her was hell and spending the rest of my life with her is like digging my own grave. I told her family that I will pay the damage I was ordered to pay and will keep supporting the child since it is mine,” he said.
The case was adjourned to the October 2, 2014 for judgment.


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