– 150 MMD cadres defect to ruling PF in Kanyama

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—-MMD National Youth Secretary Tobias Kafumukache with 150 other MMD members from Kanyama Constituency have defected to the ruling party.


And Patriotic Front Secretary General Edwin Lungu has reinstated Clara Banda- Silubonde as Chairperson for Chilanga constituency.


Leading the defectors to the ruling party today,  Mr. Kafumukache said the decision to defect to the PF was due to the good leadership that President Micheal Sata has exhibited so far incomparable to opposition leaders.


He said the prevailing  unity in PF was as a result of President Sata’ s vast experience in leadership having served in both the UNIP and MMD governments, respectively.


Mr. Kafumukache further said the PF government under President Sata is undertaking massive developmental projects currently taking place in the country.


He pointed out that there is unprecedented development being undertaken countrywide citing the major road projects that are being worked in all parts of the country.


“We have seen unprecedented development going on countrywide such as gravel roads are being tarred and upgraded because the president is working hard to ensure that there is development everywhere in the country,” he said.


Mr. Kafumukache said the PF government has taken development to all parts of the country so that every citizen benefits from the national cake in order to foster unity in the country.


And in receiving the defectors, PF Lusaka Provincial Vice Youth Chairman Daniel Kalembe welcomed the new members saying they were now members of the PF and will not be discriminated in any way for as long as they remain loyal to the party.


And Patriotic Front Secretary General Edwin Lungu has reinstated Clara Banda- Silubonde as Chairperson for Chilanga constituency.


The development was announced by Vice Provincial Chairman Wilfred Chikonde during the PF leadership meeting in Namalambwe ward in Chilanga District , today.


Mr . Chikonde told the meeting that Mr. Lungu has decided to reinstate Mrs. Silubonde to her old position after discovering that her suspension was not in accordance with the stipulated guidelines of the ruling party.


He said the PF Secretary General had quashed the decision by the provincial executive lead by a Mr Nsunge is also Chilanga ward councilor to suspend Mrs, Silubonde from her position.

He appealed for unity in the party as not the dust had been settled by Mr. Lungu ‘s decision to lift the suspension.


And Mrs, Silubonde has urged the Party in the area to unite and participate in various development projects taking place in the area.


She said there were funds available that was ready to be utilized in the constituency such as the women empowerment fund that could be applied for by her fellow women.


  1. insala yena ipuba , abanyamata yabaponona . Lungu ensure that these headless fools did not insult PF kudala.