Adolescents to get social cash

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Government plans to introduce a social cash transfer programme that will specifically address challenges facing the adolescents.


Minister of Community Development, Mother and Child Health, Emerine Kabanshi disclosed that the proposed social cash transfer was meant to support adolescents with educational needs so as to prepare them for a brighter future.


Ms. Kabanshi said there was need to provide young people with proper tools that will ensure they were adequately protected and able to make informed decisions.

 She was speaking in New York in USA yesterday during the side event on the outcome of the 2014 international parliamentarians’ conference on the implementation of the international conference on population and development (ICPD) programme of action.


She said the Zambian government was working hard to ensure that challenges affecting women and adolescents were adequately addressed.


The minister warned that if women and children were not properly empowered, there would be a risky of impeding development.


Ms. Kabanshi is part of President Michael Sata’s delegation that is attending the 69th United Nations General Assembly in New York.