Police launch manhunt for Bread of Life pastor

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs
Police in Kalomo has launched a manhunt for a Bread of Life pastor who is on the run and believed to have administered a poisonous liquid substance to a 51 year man of chief Simwatachela’s area of Zimba district who died on the spot last week.

The incident is said to have happened during an effort to exorcise his suspected evil spirits which he was allegedly using for witchcraft purposes.

Four people among them, the deceased’s son have since been nabbed to assist Police with investigations over of the death of Geoffrey Simaubi who died in a church after being given some suspected poisonous liquid last Friday.

ZANIS reports that Police sources in Kalomo confirmed the development but referred all queries to Southern province commissioner, Mary Chikwanda.

It is believed that the deceased was suspected to be practicing witchcraft and was taken to the Bread of Life church in Misika area for prayers to exorcise his evil spiritual powers after he came from a beer drinking spree around 19 hours.

The man collapsed to death after having taken the substance by the church pastor.

Neighborhood watch sources in Kabanga area said some church members after realizing that the man died decided to drive him back to his village at Kabanga B and later dumped him in his house but word went around resulting into the pastor fleeing for his life.

The pastor’s abandoned Combi minibus has since been deflated by irate local residents and he is still on the run while a postmortem has been conducted with the body of the deceased has since been buried at his home village.

( Saturday 20th September 2014 )



  1. He was a wizard so what’s the big deal, I’m sure he’s also killed a number of people, karma has done it’s business, full stop.