SDA Dorcas group wins govt kudos

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Government says it greatly values the community services rendered by the Dorcas society of the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) church.

Agriculture deputy minister said this when he addressed more than 10,000 Dorcas society members of the  South-Zambia Conference at a Dorcas rally being held at former ZESCO farm In Itezhi Tezhi.

Mr. Monde said the Dorcas society has a high reputation in government and secular organizations because of unique services they render to the needy.

“I can evidently testify that there is great impact from your services of benevolence and sacrifice rendered to various government organizations  such as hospitals ,prisons, orphanages, schools and many other institutions and individuals”,  Mr. Monde said.

Mr.Monde who is also Itezhi Tezhi Member of Parliament urged the Dorcas workers to emulate the example of Dorcas of the Bible.

“She assisted the needy in many different ways (Acts 9:36-42) such that the beneficiaries wished she could be brought back to life so that she could continue her works of charity”, Mr Monde explained.

Meanwhile, Itezhi Tezhi District Commissioner George Sichula said he was privileged to attend the Dorcas rally and commended the SDA Church for its non-partisan policy.

Mr. Sichula noted that the SDA Church has played an important role in promoting peace in the country.

And South-Zambia Adventist Church leader Vanny Munyumbwe hailed government for providing an enabling environment for the Church to pursue its mission.

Dr Munyumbwe urged the government not to relent in practicing good governance and promoting democracy in order to maintain peace in the country.

The Church leader further said that the Dorcas rally was focusing on teaching family values, Christian standards and entrepreneurial skills to enable people end poverty in the country.

“Presenters during this rally are focusing on the family because it is the foundation for a stronger nation. We are also emphasizing on Christian standards and entrepreneurial skills which we believe can help end poverty,” Dr Munyumbwe said.

The south-Zambia conference Dorcas rally themed “he is at the door” is also being attended by a guest speaker  from Malawi Dennis  Matekenya  and  participants from 36 mission districts of the South- Zambia conference of the SDA Church.