MMD claims it come in sencond place in the by-elections

Kenneth Chipungu
Kenneth Chipungu

The opposition MMD says it came second to the ruling Patriotic Front in the just ended by-elections by the number of total votes amassed.

MMD Chairman for Elections Kenneth Chipungu says contrary to the common belief that the former ruling party was the biggest loser in the five by-elections; the party in fact came second to the PF after amassing 15,532 votes against the PF’s 16,068 votes, while the UPND managed 8,012 votes in total.


Mr Chipungu points out that the 536 votes gap between the PF and MMD demonstrates that there were almost as many people that voted for MMD as PF, while there was 7,520 votes gap between MMD and UPND.

He states that PF Secretary General Edgar Lungu’s statement that the ruling party would get a massive victory in the 2016 general elections after winning three of the five parliamentary by-elections is therefore misleading.

Mr Chipungu says the overall total votes are more important than the total constituencies won.

He explains that a political party can win more constituencies, yet is beaten by another party that win a few large constituencies.
( Tuesday 16th September 2014 )