Govt says improved literacy will improve economic development

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—Minister of Education, John Phiri, says improving literacy levels amongst Zambians, especially rural dwellers, will impact positively on the economic development of the country.


Dr. Phiri says observed that literacy has the potential to improve the quality of lives  as people are able to make meaningful decisions on various issues which is said is key to the prosperity of both the nation and its individuals.


Dr. Phiri noted that knowing how to read and write is a greatest achievement for people and urged Zambians with such skill not to monopolise but share with illiterate people.


He said government is working on reducing illiteracy levels in the country by revamping literacy programmes in addition to establishing welfare centres and community libraries in communities.


He said the move by government to revamp literacy programmes is also aimed at reducing poverty in many Zambians.


The Education Minister said this when he delivered a speech on behalf of Vice President Guy Scott at the launch of the Adult Functional Literacy Material at Government Complex today.


And Community Development Minister, Emerine Kabanshi, explained that the revised literacy functional materials are meant to educate illiterate citizens on civic matters, management skills, entrepreneurship,financial literacy as well as teach them how to read and write in their local languages.


Ms Kabanshi noted that literacy programmes are a building block for the country’s economic development as many citizens will be able to acquire knowledge that will help them make meaningful decisions.


Zambia’s illiteracy levels stand at 32 per cent which means that 32 people out of 100 people do not know how to read and write and North Western and Eastern Provinces of Zambia are the most affected.