State warns mobile phone companies breaking the law

ZICTA Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority
ZICTA Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority

GOVERNMENT has called on the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) to punish any mobile phone service provider breaching the law that governs the communication sector.
Subsequently, Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Yamfwa Mukanga has urged mobile service providers to conduct their businesses within the confines of the law, especially on the issue of subscriber identity module (SIM) cards.
Under the Statutory Instrument (SI) number 65 of 2011, all electronic communication devices, including SIM cards, are supposed to be registered with the authority.
Mr Mukanga said service providers should avoid selling unregistered but activated SIM cards as such an irregularity can cause problems for the country.
“All mobile service providers should ensure that their SIM cards are registered in line with the SI that was issued and the law that exists. Anyone acquiring a SIM card should register it in accordance with the law. People using unregistered SIM cards should know that it is a crime.
“Selling of activated unregistered SIM cards is illegal, not acceptable, and it warrants penalties. Yes [mobile service providers] want to do business but let them do it genuinely and follow the laid down procedures for them to get the best returns for their businesses,” he said.
Recently, ZICTA conducted random inspections in Muchinga and Northern provinces to establish whether service providers were complying with the requirements on SIM card registration and activation.


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