Mushrooming of private schools worries govt

grass thatched schools
grass thatched schools
The Ministry of Education has expressed concern at the continued mushrooming of private schools which it says are compromising the teaching standards in the country.

Ministry of Education Spokesperson Hilary Chipango says it is expected that the coming of the Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) which will be regulating teachers will help to address this challenge.

Mr. Chipango says government will continue initiating mechanisms aimed at effectively monitoring teaching standards in the country in a bid to promote quality education.

Speaking in an interview, Mr. Chipango says it is worrying that the mushrooming of private schools in the country has continued despite efforts meant to improve the education standards.

He says it is for this reason that the ministry of Education through the Standards and Curriculum Department is trying by all means to ensure that it closely monitors what is happening in the education sector.

( Monday 15th September 2014 )