PF scores a hat-trick in by-elections

Sata , GBM in SOlwezi
Sata , GBM in SOlwezi
The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has won the Vubwi,Zambezi West and Mkushi South parliamentary by-elections,while the MMD has won the Kasenengwa seat with a landslide.

PF’s Margaret Miti has polled 3,797 votes to beat her closest rival MMD’s Eustarkio Kazonga who has polled 1,091 votes.

UPND’s Alfonso Phiri came third with 761 votes and Charles Nyoka of the FDD came fourth after polling 649 votes with UNIP’s Lucas Phiri trailing in fifth place with 395 votes.

In the Zambezi West Parliamentary by-election, PF’s Christabel Ngimbu has scooped the seat with 1,400 votes followed by UPND’s Charles Kakoma with 1,200 votes.

MMD’s Prisca Kucheka has polled 500 votes and FDD’s Mark Kachongo has 300 votes with the Green Party’s Kayombo Chilala polling a paltry 28 votes.

In the Solwezi Central by-election Dawson Kafwaya of the UPND has won the election with 4,577 votes.

His closest rival Newton Malwa of the PF POLLED 3,105 votes while Lucky Mulusa for the MMD got 1, 897 votes with FDD’s Kabwita Mulonga managing 304 and Mary Katiki of UNIP polling 158 votes.

And in the Kasenengwa Parliamentary by-election Victoria Kalima of the MMD has scored a massive landslide victory with 10, 936 votes so far.

Ms. Kalima is followed by PF’s Gideon Zulu with 3, 489 votes while UPND’s Timothy Nyirenda has 439 votes with UNIP’s Kumbizya Daka polling 280 votes.

In the Mkushi South by-election, the PF’s candidate Davies Chisopa is leading with 1,954 votes.

MMD’s Sydney Chisanga is second with Agness Mambwe of the UPND in third place with 948 votes.

This is from votes counted from 18 polling stations out of 23 polling stations.

( Friday 12th September 2014 )