Game Stores manager, Palan’s lawyers grill Mukamuluti Mwila

Game Stores Zambia general manager Maduramuthoo Mare Palan
Game Stores Zambia general manager Maduramuthoo Mare Palan

DEFENCE lawyers yesterday questioned the credibility of the evidence of former Game Stores worker Mukamuluti Mwila for allegedly lying under oath about her true age.
This is in a case in whi ch Game Stores Zambia general manager Maduramuthoo Mare Palan is facing two counts of indecent assault and sexual abuse.
And Lusaka magis trate Aridah Chulu has threatened to exclude some media houses from covering the case if unnecessary comments on the matter continue.
Last week, Ms Mwila, 23, testified that Palan allegedly turned her working experience into hell because she turned down his sexual advances.
She said Palan allegedly sexually abused her on more than three occasions and mistreated her before she was dismissed.
During cross-examination yesterday, Defence lawyer Eric Silwamba said Ms Mwila’s contract of employment showed that she was born in 1992 but she testified in court that she was 23-years-old.
“If you can tell lies about your age, how about other things?” he asked.
In response, Ms Mwila said she reduced her age when obtaining the National Registration Card (NRC).
But Mr Silwamba said Ms Mwila lied on oath to get a government document.
“The witness lacks credibility, even on her bank details she indicated to have an account at Zanaco Cairo Road branch yet she has a Xapit account,” he said.
Mr Silwamba also asked if Ms Mwila applied for the job at Game Stores and how she was employed after the termination of the contract by RCA Marketing Company.
Ms Mwila responded that she never applied for the job but was invited and she was the only one who was engaged by Game Stores at that time.
But when asked what had happened to her former workmate at RCA Marketing Company, Ms Mwila responded that he also joined Game Stores.


Zambia Daily Mail


  1. Chi Silwamba nangu nisebana wikute. Dont forget that you have dirt hands. You remember how you plundered the national resources with Kafupi? Age should not destruct the real issue of the day. Palan wanted to fuck the innocent girl in the name of job security.