FODEP surprised with opposition’s stance on electronic system

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-The Foundation for Democratic process (FODEP) has disputes claims from opposition political parties that the Electoral Commission of Zambia’s (ECZ) pilot electronic transmission of results will jeopardise elections.

Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) president Shepard Chilombe appealed to electorates to avoid succumbing to unfounded fears from opposition political parties.

He said this in a telephone interview with ZANIS today.

Mr. Chilombe, who is currently in Vubwi revealed, that the counting of ballot papers will be manually.     

He explained that the electronic counting of votes was merely a test and preparation for the use of the system in 2016 elections to speed up the transmission of results.

He expressed surprise at opposition parties rejecting the system when initially they accepted the use of the electronic transmission of results. 

Mr. Chilombe wondered who could have misinformed the political parties to change at the eleventh hour.

“I have operated the system trial version which is systematic in its operation and has no room for election rigging because it does not determine results,” said Mr. Chilombe.

He has since disclosed that the Vubwi parliamentary by-elections voting, which is currently taking place, is peaceful despite low turnout.