40 year old Serenje man hangs himself with Chitenge material

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A 41 year old man of Kapanda area in Serenje District in Central Province has committed suicide.


Gilbert Kalunga of Chief Kabamba’s area committed suicide yesterday by hanging himself with a Chitenge material in his house at night.


Kalunga’s wife, Misozi Chibale 22, told ZANIS in an interview that she was shocked when she noticed that her husband was not in bed at around 22:00hrs and later found him hanging in the house.


She said she does not understand the motive behind her husband’s action as he was diagnosed with a heart problem some time back.


And Kalunga’s mother-in-law, Dorothy Chibanda said she had noticed that her son-in-law was not himself in the morning, but thought it was the effect of the heart herbal remedy that was causing him to look slightly low.


Central Province Police Commanding officer Standwell Lungu confirmed the incidence to ZANIS in a telephone interview saying police do not suspect foul play.


Mr Lungu said it is unfortunate for the country to be losing citizens in such a manner.

The Commissioner of Police urged people to refrain from taking their lives but always find better solutions to their problems.


“People should know that taking one’s life is not only a taboo but also a sin against God, ‘’Mr Lungu said.


He disclosed that the deceased’s body is lying in Serenje District Hospital awaiting postmortem.