2)–FRA depots opened in Ngabwe

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-Milenge district acting Medical Officer Benken Mulenga says the area  is not at risk of being hit by the Ebola virus that has broken out in the northern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC.

Dr Mulenga added that people should however not panic but be on alert.

He said the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) which presents signs and symptoms of malaria is a severe, often deadly illness where up to 90 percent of infected people die.

ZANIS reports that Dr Mulenga was speaking during a sensitization meeting on EBOLA in Milenge yesterday.

Dr  Mulenga said the virus can be transmitted through people in direct contact with blood or secretions of infected persons and that  a number of health workers die due to many procedures that have to be followed when treating patients.

He said his office will depend on isolation and giving supportive treatment in case of any outbreaks as there is no cure for the disease.

‘’We will depend on isolation for now in case of any outbreaks and Kapalala Rural Health Centre has been chosen as an isolation centre’’, he said.

He said his office has only received three kits of personal protective equipment.

He disclosed that from 1976, the DRC has had a lot of Ebola outbreaks and that the current one  is the seventh in the northern part of the country adding that districts like Kaputa and Chienge in Luapula province were at risk because they are located at the border area with the DRC.

He also said the Ebola virus can be transmitted through buying and eating of wild animals.

He has advised people to seek immediate medical attention once they present signs and symptoms of Ebola.

Meanwhile, District Immigration Officer Oswald Daka says it was difficult to check visitors upon entry into Zambia through Milenge because there no legal entry points.