Solwezi candidates offer promises

This is HH going through Solwezi Town
This is HH going through Solwezi Town

Opposition political parties participating in the solwezi central parliamentary by election have pledged to transform the district once voted into power.

The four are United Party for National Development who are fielding DAWSON KAFWAYA, the Movement for Multiparty Democracy which is being represented by LUCK MULUSA.

Others are the United National Independence Party UNIP fielding MARY KATIKA and Forum for Democracy and Development which represented by NATHAN MULONGA.

FDD president EDITH NAWAKWI who was in solwezi to drum up support for her candidate assured the people of solwezi that her party will change the way of doing business in the mining sector through the decentralization policy.

Ms NAWAKWI said the first priority of her candidate will be to ensuring that the people of solwezi start benefiting from the mineral resources which the district is endowed with.

And UNIP president TILYENJI KAUNDA said that the people of solwezi central need more schools and clinics which the PF government has failed to provide.

Mr. KAUNDA said that his party will make sure that the dignity returns to the people of solwezi through the creation of better platforms which will enable residents lead a better life.

And MMD candidate LUCKY MULUSA said that his opponents are the weakest who lacked credibility.

Mr MULUSA said it’s the issue of credibility which has put him at an advantage over others and can only lose the seat through manipulation.

And UPND UPND candidate DAWSON KAFWAYA said that the people of solwezi are aware that the party of the Moment is UPND.

Mr. KAFWAYA said the people of solwezi central are tired of being cheated out of their minerals which have failed to develop the district adding that hope lies in the UPND leadership.