East PS condemns campaign allegations

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Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chileshe Muleng has reacted strongly to accusations that he has been campaigning for the ruling PF in Kasenengwa constituency ahead of tomorrow’s parliamentary by-election.

Speaking in a phone interview with ZANIS this afternoon, Dr Mulenga said  MMD candidate for Victoria  Kalima should stop dragging civil servants into politics in order to gain  mileage.

Dr. Mulenga charged that Ms Kalima is showing signs of desperation adding that she should concede defeat if she had no means to convince the people of Kasenengwa to vote for her.

He also disclosed that the MMD parliamentary hopeful also accused him of campaigning in Mkowe and Chiparamba wards on the 25th of August which he said was false because he was attending a national steering committee meeting in Kitwe.

Dr. Mulenga said civil servants had halted some government programmes because of the by-election saying even the women empowerment programme which started way before the election date was set has not continued.

He advised Ms Kalima to base her campaigns on facts and issues that affect the people of Kasenengwa and not drag civil servants who did not engage themselves in politics.

Kasenengwa MMD parliamentary aspirant Victoria Kalima this morning accused Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chileshe Mulenga and other civil servants of campaigning for the ruling party in the constituency.

Ms Kalima charged that civil servants were receiving defectors in the constituency during campaigns.