Lungu invites Grand Coalition

Grand Coalition to keep pushing for new constitution
Grand Coalition to keep pushing for new constitution

JUSTICE Minister Edgar Lungu has challenged the Zambia Centre for Inter-party Dialogue (ZCID) to promote inter-party dialogue.
Meanwhile, the minister has formally written to the Grand Coalition, inviting them to a meeting on Thursday over the Constitution.
Speaking on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview programme, Mr Lungu said it was important for political parties to dialogue and promote peace in Zambia.
Mr Lungu, who condemned violence among party cadres and called for discipline among political parties, also urged the police to stop cowing down to violent PF cadres and urged the latter to behave in the right manner.

The minister said he was aware that there were some ‘busy bodies’ that wanted to bring impunity in the PF and that the party would not allow that.
“PF is anchored on discipline, let us accept that we are all in charge of peace,” Mr Lungu said.
“Let us respect the Electoral Commission of Zambia and as politicians, let us stop the violence and develop a
culture of tolerance.”
On allegations of tribalism and corruption in the PF, Mr Lungu said the party was beyond the tribalism talk which was being peddled by politicians who fell out of favour with the party and the people.

“The tribalism talk is a refuge for failures. Why tribalism in politics when you are dropped?” Mr Lungu asked.
He challenged people that were behind the tribal and corruption talk in the PF to name those that were behind the allegations.
Mr Lungu also dismissed allegations that he had presidential ambitions and pledged to move the PF forward and called on all PF members to rally behind President Michael Sata as there was no vacancy in the PF presidency and the country.

“As PF, let us work, there should be no jostling for power among ourselves. Let us harmonise our differences. We have to sustain PF as a robust party. As for me, I am able and I will handle my roles. There is no function which is insurmountable,” he said.
Mr Lungu said he would combine his roles as Justice and Defence Minister, secretary general of the PF and parliamentary deputy chief whip to move the party and the Government forward.
Meanwhile, Mr Lungu has said the Draft Constitution will be released to the general public at an appropriate time when Cabinet deems it fit.
Mr Lungu said his ministry was working out modalities to come up with a roadmap that would reset the pace in the Constitution-making process.
“The Constitution is very dear to me and right now we are working on a detailed roadmap which will be presented to the stakeholders and we are hoping that will be ready in a fortnight or so because it is a lot of work,” Mr Lungu said.

He said there was need to study the roadmap and the cost which might involve a referendum and a general census.
Mr Lungu said providing the roadmap to the Constitution-making process would go a long way in assisting Zambians understand the process.
He also said that he had officially written to the Grand Coalition inviting them for a meeting on Thursday at 14:00 hours to discuss the Constitution.
He said the meeting would not be open to the media but the outcome would be communicated to the public.

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