Four wards, 16 polling stations created in Kapiri

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—–Electoral stakeholders in Kapiri Mposhi have recommended the creation of four more council wards and 16 new polling stations in the district.


During the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) delimitation exercise for wards and polling districts, the stakeholders overwhelmingly resolved that the ECZ create four more wards to add to the existing 12 in the district.


The stakeholders have also resolved to surrender two wards and some polling stations to Ngabwe district which was recently created out of Kapiri Mposhi district.


The delegates recommended the creation of Kabwale, Nchembwe, Mubofwe and Lunsemfwa Wards and re-alignment of some existing wards and polling stations to make them more accessible to electorates during elections and voter registration processes.


The stakeholders that included representatives from registered political parties, civil society organizations (CSO), traditional leaders representatives civic leaders and Kapiri Mposhi Constituency MP, Eddie Musonda, also called for the increment in the number of polling districts from the existing 89 to 107 in Kapiri Mposhi.


The stakeholders submitted that the district was too vast and needed more wards and polling stations in order to facilitate voters’ participation in electoral processes.


And addressing the delegates, District Electoral Officer, Mpande Hamwende, said the ECZ is carrying out the delimitation exercise to review the existing ward and polling district boundaries throughout the country.


Mr Hamwende said the process, which has been necessitated by several factors that include long distances that voters cover during elections and population increase, is aimed at creating new wards and polling stations to enhance meaningful representation of people and delivering of electoral services in respective constituencies.


“In the quest to efficiently deliver services to the citizens, government has embarked on decentralisation of the country’s governance system which has resulted in the formation of 29 more districts increasing the national total from 79 to 103 districts the development which has resulted in the revision of some of the district boundaries to pave way for the new districts,” Mr Hamwende said.


He, however, said the ECZ will only be able to effect the delimitation of the new council wards in the district after the Minister of Local Government issues the Statutory Instrument to legalise the suggested new wards in accordance with Section 9 (2) of the Local Government Act CAP 281.


 “During this meeting we will only discuss and agree on the number of new wards for the ministry’s consideration and final approval and the ongoing delimitation exercise will not include the creation of more constituencies,” he said.


Mr Hamwende commended stakeholders for positively responding to the invitation to add their input to the delimitation exercise in the district.