— Govt. hails Oxfam’s support in health care service

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Govt. hails Oxfam’s support in health care service

Kafue,September 6 2014,ZANIS —-  Government says it appreciates  Oxfam’s support in improved primary health care service delivery in the country.


Kafue district Commissioner Grace Ngulube  says Oxfam’s health support program will help reduce maternal and child mortality rate especially in her district and the country at large.


Ms. Ngulube noted that  the support by Oxfam and other stakeholders will enhance speed up  health workers’ efforts  to provide health care services to remote areas .


ZANIS reports that the district commissioner said this in a speech read on his behalf by the district administrative officer Ngoni Moyo during the launch of health program in Kafue Districts’ Chiawa area today.


It was at the same occasion that over of 30 bicycles  where handed over to Chiawa, Kambale health centers and Mugurameno health post at Kambale health center in same area.


The district commissioner affirmed government’s commitment of speeding up the provision of improved primary health care services in line with the national development plan and vision 2030.


Ms Ngulube has also paid tribute to Oxfam Hong Kong and Swedish Embassy for playing an active role in the fight against HIV/AIDS pandemic and maternal death and child mortality in the district.


And receiving the donation, Kafue district medical officer Wyson Munga, said the bicycles will help increase the number of expectant mothers delivering at the health centers .


Dr Munga said bicycles will supplement services offered by the ambulance in reducing the human –animal conflict challenges in the area which resulted in lower numbers of deliveries at the health centers.


Meanwhile chieftains Chiawa has expressed gratitude to Oxfam and its partners for the support rendered in her chiefdom.


And Chieftains Chiawa said Oxfam has implemented a number of programs which has benefitted the 12000 population in her chiefdom.


Chieftainess Chiawa urged the staff at the health centers to ensure that the bicycles are utilized for the intended purposes.


The traditional  said this in a speech read for her by her representative, Kesia Sakala.


And Oxfam Essential Service Coordinator ,Monica Mutesa says her organization in partnership with Treatment Advocacy and Literacy Campaign(TALC) has embarked on a program to empower Chiawa residents with skills to enable them monitor health care delivery services in the area.


She added that the two organizations will also provide 2 motorbikes to Chiawa and Kambale health centers and construct a mothers’ shelter for Kambale health center to enhance the primary health care service delivery in the area.