RTSA bemoans low compliance by taxi operators to migrate to new colour code

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The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has bemoaned the low compliance levels among taxi operators to migrate to colour-code ribbons.

RTSA Acting Senior Public Relations Manager Fredrick Mubanga said most taxi operators have continued to defy the law requirement of affixing ribbons on their vehicles despite the grace period expiring on August 31, 2014.

Mr Mubanga said RTSA will not spare taxis operating without ribbons on their vehicles as it is an offence under Statutory Instrument 63 that brought the colour-code ribbons into to being.

He however said RTSA is studying concerns by taxi operators that have led to low compliance levels regarding the colour codes.

Mr Mubanga noted that the agency has so far learnt that most taxi drivers are below 25 years old, which is the threshold age for one to obtain a Public Service Vehicle licence hence the high number of pirate taxis.

He said RTSA has started addressing some of the concerns and is considering revising the law to suit the current needs.

Mr Mubanga said the agency is also trying to find the best way of getting taxi operating into complying with the law.

And Mr Mubanga revealed that most bus operators are adhering to the requirement of colour-codes, there are still pockets of non-compliance.

He said RATSA will not rest until all taxi and bus operators conform to the law requirement.