PF in Livingstone march in solidarity for President Sata

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PF in Livingstone march in solidarity for President Sata

Livingstone, Sept 4/14, ZANIS——-Patriotic Front Youths today blocked roads in Livingstone as they marched in solidarity for President Michael Sata and to express gratitude for his decision to drop Wynter Kabimba and replace him with Edgar Lungu as Secretary General of the party and Justice Minister respectively.


PF Livingstone District Youth Chairperson, Dennis Chipowe, said the march past was organised in order to show solidarity for President Sata for replacing Mr Kabimba with Mr Lungu at a time the party was experiencing deep divisions.


“The President’s move to fire Mr Kabimba is a clear indication that he wants to see the party stand stronger and more united than it has previously been,” he said.


In an interview with ZANIS, Mr Chipowe said in the recent past, the party had experienced unfair suspensions and expulsions especially on people who supported the President.


He added that the march past was prompted by recent pronunciations by the President through the Secretary General to uplift all the suspensions in the PF.


Mr Chipowe explained that the development was an indication the party wanted to go for the 2016 general elections united and with one voice if they expected to remain in power.


He alleged that some over ambitious youths in the ruling party were used to carry out hidden agendas for people with personal and selfish motives to bring confusion in the PF and government.


Mr Chipowe has urged the youths in Livingstone and Southern Province to stand united as they did in 2011 when they won the general elections.


And PF Akapelwa Ward Secretary, Yataba Mtomborwa, said the bad seeds still in the party almost prevented the solidarity march from taking place today even when a permit was secured for the event.


“As you can see the turnout is not good as expected because other members were returned from attending our solidity march past”, she said.  


Ms Mtomborwa said the party had faith in Mr Lungu and expected him to deliver and consolidate the ruling party considering that he was an elected Member of Parliament.


“PF was previously a one man’s party, because Mr Kabimba did not understand or respect the people as he was never voted for,” he said.


She said all those who were rallying behind him as a presidential aspirant in the 2016 general elections should forget about that dream as it was dead.