Govt to present bill against labour outsourcing

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—-Labour Minister, Fackson Shamenda, says his ministry will in the next sitting of Parliament present a bill that will ban outsourcing of mining labour outside the country.

Mr Shamenda says the ministry will do a piece meal amendment to outlaw outsourcing because most companies being outsourced are exploiting workers.

He says his ministry is concerned that some investors are taking advantage of the weak and outdated law to exploit workers and that it is necessary to make changes so that workers are protected.

Mr Shamenda was speaking in Solwezi today when he called on Solwezi District Commissioner, Crispin Likando.

He said the amendments will also put an end to casualisation and extend the number of years for contracts being given to workers so that jobs can be secured.

Mr Shamenda said mining companies are employing workers on contracts that they continue renewing after every two years which borders on casualisation.

He said government will put a stop to this trend by enacting labour laws that ensure workers are engaged on a permanent basis.

The Labour Minister is in Solwezi for a three day visit and is expected to meet union leaders, Kansanshi and Kalumbila mine management and officiate at Nkambi traditional ceremony of senior
chief Mujimanzovu.