Court fines Burundese for illegal stay

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—–A 28 year old man of Burundi has been fined K1000 and in default nine months simple imprisonment by the Livingstone magistrate court after pleading guilty for staying in Zambia on an expired visitor’s permit.

This is in a case in which Daddy Jackson Ndabhimana of Burundi was charged with 1 count of staying in Zambia after his visitor’s permit expired.

Ndabhimana admitted to the charge and pleaded guilty when he appeared before Resident Magistrate Adsen Shanduba.

Particulars of offence are that between 11th and 26th August this year in Livingstone district, Ndabhimana allegedly remained in the country on an expired visitors permit endorsed on his passport number OP0040705 when entering Zambia at Mpulungu border post.

Facts before the court are that on 12th August this year, Mr Ndabhimana came to Zambia to visit his sister in law who stays in Chibolya Compound in Lusaka until 25th August when he went to Livingstone where he was apprehended at Mukuni Park by immigration officers after producing his passport which showed that his visitor permit had expired.

In mitigation Ndabhimana told the court that he was asking for mercy for his offence because it was his fault that he could neither read nor understand English well except Swahili.

In passing judgement, Mr Shanduba said Ndabhimana was a first offender who readily admitted to the charge and did not waste the courts time.

“I fine you K1000 and failure to pay, you will be imprisoned for nine months.  Make sure whenever you travel you abide by the laws in that country and Zambia is such country with laws that will not allow people to break them and go scot-free”, he said.

Magistrate Shanduba said Immigration officers were well trained people who knew how to sort out individuals who wanted to act smart.