Threats of Ebola worrying as illegal Congolese troop through unmanned borders in Mpongwe

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—Luswishi Ward Councillor, Alex Ntambo, says there is a looming outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in Mpongwe due to an influx of illegal Congolese immigrants trooping to the district through unmanned borders.

And, Mr Ntambo has urged government to institute maximum preventative measures against the Ebola virus in his area.

Councilor Ntambo says Luswishi area has become a haven for illegal traders trooping in from neighbouring Congo using the Lufwanyama district route which cuts through Machiya area leading to Luswishi.

“There is no ultimate security for us because we have foreigners trooping in from Solwezi using Muchinshi area which leads to Lufwanyama through to Machiya which crosses Ngabwe,” he said.

Luswishi is the remotest locality in the district and is located approximately 150 km from the Central Business District (CBD) of Mpongwe.

In an interview with ZANIS, Mr Ntambo called on government to empower the district medical office in a bid to curb any possible outbreak of Ebola in the district.

Councillor Ntambo further urged law enforcement agencies to curb any illegal movement of traders into Mpongwe district using unauthorized routes.

When contacted for a comment, District Medical Officer, Isaac Banda, disclosed that a team of medical experts will be dispatched to Luswishi area in a bid to screen all suspected illegal immigrants for the deadly Ebola virus.

Dr Banda further disclosed that his office will further seek audience with the Zambia Police service and the immigration department regarding the entry of illegal immigrants in the district.

He added that the district medical office has acquired protective clothing, detergents and disinfectants for its health staff which will be used in case of an Ebola outbreak in the district.