Guy Scott accuses MMD of enacting bad laws

Vice-President Scott
Vice-President Scott

Republican Vice President Guy Scott has accused the opposition Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) of having enacted Laws that disadvantaged villagers by allowing individuals to own huge tracks of farm-land.

Dr Scott says the move has resulted in the displacement of villagers.

Speaking when he addressed scores of Vubwi residents at Kachile School September  2nd , Dr. Scott said the move resulted in the underutilization of land by the farmers while the local people did not have land on which to cultivate their crops.

ZANIS reports that Dr Scott observed that there was high demand for land among the local people in the area.


Dr. Scott who was in Vubwi to drum up support for the PF candidate Margaret Miti in the Vubwi Parliamentary by-election set for next Thursday September 11, 2014 also stressed governments commitment to addressing the needs of the people in the district.

He cited some of the projects that were underway as the construction of the Chipata/Vubwi road, schools, post office, a district office block and feeder roads as some of the major developments taking place in the district.

“We will also ensure that the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) will connect the district to the national power grid, “ said Dr Scott.

The Vice President also said that government would rehabilitate the Vubwi/Zozwe road after completion of the Chadiza/Vubwi road.


Dr Scott noted that government would ensure the improvement of the mobile phone network which was difficult to access in the district.

He appealed to the people of Vubwi to vote for the PF candidate Magret Miti if they were to see enhanced development of the newly created district.

“The MMD failed to bring development to Vubwi since 1991 when it took over government,” he said.

And Dr Scott advised the people against listening to those spreading falsehoods that President Michael Sata was sick.


He stated that the Head of State was well, in good health and busy working for the people of Zambia as he wanted to ensure that he took development to all parts of the country.

Meanwhile, Ms Miti appealed to the people of Vubwi to vote for her on September 11 and pledged to bring development to the area because she was in the ruling party and also in good books with the local traditional leadership.

The Vubwi parliamentary constituency seat fell vacant following the nullification of the election of MMD’s Eustarckio Kazonga by the Supreme court due to electoral malpractice.