Elevate women in churches-ZNWL

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Zambia National Women’s Lobby (ZAWL) Executive Director Juliet Chibuta says there is need for the church to entrust women with decision making positions in order to fully increase their participation in governance issues and structures.


Mrs Chibuta said women can contribute to key developmentAL sectors of the nation by occupying top church positions as they have already demonstrated their success at household level.


Speaking during a consultative and awareness meeting with the church and Faith Based Organizations (FBO) held at Cresta Golf View in Lusaka,  Mrs Chibuta said the agenda can also be achieved by guaranteeing women property and inheritance as well as reducing gender inequality in places of work.


And Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) General Secretary Suzzane Matale said emancipation of women from cultural restrictions that hinder them from actively participating in religious issues is cardinal.


Reverend Matale said women should be liberated from all forms of gender inequality in places of worship as they have the potential to contribute to the church effectively.


Reverend Matale noted that women are gifted differently and being embraced in church decision making matters is not taking over men’s roles.


Leaders form different churches and other FBOs attended the meeting that was aimed at mainstreaming gender equity in places of worship.