Soften your heart towards Sosala – Mucheleka

Henry Kanyanta Sosala
Henry Kanyanta Sosala

Lubansenshi Constituency Independent Member of Parliament Patrick Mucheleka says government should soften its heart and accept Henry Kanyanta Sosala as the rightful person to ascend to the throne of Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.
Mr. Mucheleka further says the Bemba Royal Establishment (BRE) followed the laid-down procedures leading to the enthronement of Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.

Mr. Mucheleka adds that he does not understand government’s continued stance that the right procedure was not followed in choosing the Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.

He notes that government is not part of the Bemba Royal Council hence they have no powers to interfere in the royal succession.

Mr. Mucheleka adds that the Paramount Chitimukulu is for the Bemba people and that they are the ones with appropriate structures and authorities to appoint their own chiefs.

He has also advised government against abusing state powers to abuse traditional leaders.
( Monday 01st September 2014 )