Mkushi council blamed for improper disposal of solid waste

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The Church mother body in Mkushi district has criticised local government authority for their failure to manage solid waste properly.


Chairperson for Pastors’ Fellowship Organisation, Felix Bwalya, told ZANIS that the District Council had not been effective in managing solid waste such as plastic bottles.


Rev Bwalya said it has become common to see very young children scavenging waste plastic bottles as a livelihood.


He pointed out that the activity of kids scavenging waste bottles presented a health hazard to both the kids swell as the community in general, adding that the council ought to shoulder the blame.

He said the clergy was concerned with this situation as he believed that cleanliness is next to Godliness.


Another Faith Based Organisation (FBO), Samalia of Reformed Church of Zambia (RCZ), singled out the buyers of the plastic bottles as being responsible for creating the market for waste bottles.


Samalia coordinator, Capheus Kaunda, charged that small business enterprises of Itala Compound that sold pre-packed cooking oil, water and paraffin bought the waste bottles from kids who collected them from garbage sites.


However, Mkushi Behaviour Change Committee (BCC) chairperson, Brian Mundia, observed that the kids engaged in picking up plastic bottles as a means of sustaining themselves.


Mr Mundia stressed that there was need for stakeholders to unite and explore many alternatives towards helping to cushion the poverty that prompts the kids into picking up waste bottles.


Meanwhile, Mkushi Council Secretary (CS), Everty Ng’andu, maintained that he had directed council police to follow up the issue of kids scavenging plastic bottles, saying his council was determined to address this issue.