– LCC to remove illegal billboards

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The Lusaka City Council (LCC) says it will start cutting down illegal billboards on the streets of Lusaka for non-compliance with standards.


The local authority has disclosed that the substandard billboards on the Great East and Great North Roads that have raise concerns from both the motorists and the Road Transport and Safety Agency will soon be removed.


ZANIS reports that LCC Assistant Public Manager Brenda Katongola revealed this in an interview, today.


Ms. Katongola said her council is aware of the poor standard billboards on most roads in Lusaka saying the Local authority would soon move in to bring them down.

Ms. Katongola also issue a stern warning to billboard owners who have not paid to the local authority that they risk prosecution in addition to bringing the billboards down.

She said the council was losing a lot of revenue through illegal billboards.


She has advised billboard owners and agents to upgrade their data with the council revenue office to avoid suffering the consequences.

She said the council is currently collecting about 50 per cent of the total revenue it is expected to collect from billboards.

Recently the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) cited billboards mounted on the Islands of the highways, use of second-hand tyres and negligence by drunken drivers as some of the major causes of road traffic accidents in Zambia.


RTSA Chief Executive Officer, Zindaba Soko, said recently that the agency discovered that billboards on Kafue road was contributing to the number of people being bashed as they obstruct pedestrian from seeing the on-coming vehicles.


Other motorists have also complained that large digital billboards in Lusaka that flash ads every few seconds along the roads in Lusaka are too distracting and called on the council to remove them or reduce their brightness.