Lusambo praises PF govt

MMD Die Hard youth Coordinator Bowman Lusambo
Bowman Lusambo

MMD Die Hard National Youth Coordinator Bowman Lusambo says the PF Government under President Michael Sata has delivered tremendous development at an unprecedented pace.
Mr Lusambo in a statement made available to QFM News today says this is with a view to curing a legacy of poor infrastructure development.

Mr Lusambo says he doubts the PF can sustain this development agenda under another leader besides President Sata.

He states that the development the country is witnessing under the leadership of President Sata should have been carried out by the post-independence government.

He however says the priorities then or a lack of them directed the resources of the nation on alternative sectors and projects.

Mr Lusambo further states that the fiscal pressure the nation is experiencing today is as a result of the unprecedented level of brave decisions and appropriate use of executive discretion by President Sata.

He says President Sata has been very brave and taken unprecedented steps towards infrastructure development.

Mr Lusambo however, says the MMD once in office after 2016 will continue on this path with a tangent towards balancing expenditure and ability to sustain the development projects and the consequence of job creation.

He adds that President Sata’s efforts will be appreciated and upheld and the MMD government will normalise his efforts in terms of balancing between his well-intended development agenda and an intelligently thought out funding plan.
( Friday 29th August 2014 )