Govt to construct communication towers in Zambezi West

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—-Vice President, Guy Scott, says it is not acceptable in modern world to live without any mode of communication.


Dr Scott expressed concern that people in Zambezi West Constituency of Zambezi district have got no access to road and telephone communications and generally lack development.


Dr Scott says this is the reason the PF government wants to construct three communication towers to give the people of Zambezi West quick means of communication so that they can talk to their relatives and the rest of the country.


“You ca not live alone without telephones, roads and without books in this modern world,” Dr Scott said.


The Vice President said this in his conducted campaign trail to drum up support for PF Parliamentary candidate, Christabel Ngimbu, in Mufula and Liyovu areas of Zambezi West Constituency.


He observed that in the last 13 years, the area had lacked behind, adding that all that has been achieved now is what the PF government has done in just two years in power.


Dr Scott advised the people of Zambezi West not to be intimated by the threats and lies from the opposition but vote for PF candidate, Ms Ngimbu, if the area was to be fully developed.


He challenged the UPND Parliamentary candidate, Charles Kakoma, to point out what he has done in 13 years that he has been Member of Parliament (MP) for the area.


The Veep said Zambezi West needs somebody who is active and hard working as their MP to bring meaningful development to the area.


And aspiring Parliamentary candidate, Christabel Ngimbu, pledged to develop the area once voted as MP.


Ms Ngimbu, a former civil servant in government under Community Development, Mother and Child Health, claimed that she spearheaded the bringing of a hammer-mill and ox-carts to women clubs and advised people of Liyovu to support and work with her in developing the constituency.


She said development would not come to the area without having a representative in the National Assembly from the ruling party in government.


She is confident of scooping the seat following the massive infrastructural development the PF is doing country-wide and hoped Zambezi district would also benefit from the national cake in terms of allocation of resources. 


PF Zambezi West Campaign Manager, Wylbur Simuusa, appealed the people of Mangango by voting for a PF candidate in the September 11 Parliamentary by-elections.


Mr Simuusa, who is also Agriculture Minister, said it is time for the Zambezi West electorates to vote differently by voting for PF candidate Christabel Ngimbu because the opposition candidates have allegedly failed to develop the area.


Mr Simuusa said is local people who grow up in the area and know the sufferings of the people hence she is a credible candidate who is going to have access to State House to lobby for tangible resources for development.


He said the PF is an embracing political party with top party and government positions having representation from various ethnic and tribal groups.


Meanwhile, Mr Simuusa said government has an ambitious programme to improve the fisheries and livestock sectors.


He said government would provide 120 per cent support for livestock and fisheries development in Zambezi West.


The minister promised that government would provide tractors in all corners of Zambezi West and transport rice to safe depots this year to avoid wastage of the grain on grounds of lack of transport.


Mr. Simuusa said government has a serious programme that ensures that all farmers that are productive are well looked after.  


Local Government and Housing Minister, Emmanuel Chenda, disclosed that government would sink10,000 boreholes in Zambezi district and additional 2,000 km of feeder roads in order to open up the area and uplift the sufferings of the people in the area.


Mr Chenda lashed out at the opposition leaders who were championing that the PF is a tribal party for only the Bemba speaking people, saying the fact speaks for itself by the number of people from all regions appointed by President Michael Sata to serve in government.