ZALARP calls for speedy payment of retirees

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-The Zambia Local Authorities and Pensioners Association (ZALARP) has called for speedy payment of benefits for retirees for serving this country diligently.

ZALARP National secretary, Stella Sakayi, disclosed to ZANIS in an interview today that most councils delay to release the money for retirees even after government releases it on time.

She suggested that councils should prepare names of retirees in advance before government releases the money as it would save time which is wasted when local authorities are trying to verify names.

Mrs Sakayi added that even though the monies pensioners receive seem to be little it helps them go by as they depend on it to support their families.

She stated that local authorities should apply the first-in-first-out principle to help decongest the number of unpaid pensioners in the country.

Mrs Sakayi said even with the new pension reforms the organisation has seen no changes and hopes that when parliament opens government will put something in place.

She said it was important for retirees to be paid their dues in time to help them plan their new lives after separation from formal employment.